Mathieu Lamboley composed the original soundtrack of the new Netflix TV shows Lupin, starring Omar Sy that you can already discovers on all streaming platforms. Greatly illustrating the contrast of the character, refined and adventurous, Mathieu Lamboley’s score bypasses the rules and propose a unique collusion between classical orchestra and hip hop rhythms. “A frenetic realization, enhanced by the music of the talented Mathieu Lamboley”- Vanity Fair “The spirited music of the series is signed by the French pianist and composer Mathieu Lamboley” – Paris Match "A killer soundtrack" - Entertainment Daily UK “A resolutely contemporary score” – Seriefonia "La banda sonora del compositor parisino Mathieu Lamboley ayuda a mantener el misterio"- HobbyConsolas "For this original soundtrack, Mathieu Lamboley bypasses the musical rules and composes a unique and spectacular score" - Benude "La colonna sonora composta da Mathieu Lamboley, caratterizza il tutto con quel sano gusto vintage" - Game Legends Listen to Lupin’s Original Soundtrack here  Mathieu is a talent of Grande Ourse composers agency.