Exhibition Japon, Un autre regard

Audrey Ismaël x Grande Halle of la Villette

Audrey Ismaël composed a score for the immersive exhibitionJapon, Un autre regard, imagined by Pierre Goismier for the Grande Halle of la Villette. This immersive experience, is an combination of spectacular vision and intimate eyes where Japanese share their savoir-faire, their manners, their social skills.  Video projecting devices in this dedicated huge space of more than 2 500 m², the public travels in the middle of different exhibitions about environment, painting, society, dancing, heritage, artificial intelligence, the world and street art. An exhibition which was planned from 23.06.2020 to 12.09.2020 postponed in 2021 Further details here : https://www.jamcapsule.fr/immersion/japon-un-autre-regard/